The FIX New York City

Star Struck! Meeting Jasmine Star & JD at The FIX New York


It's not every day a person gets to meet their idol and get really star struck. I'm happy to have met one important one, Jasmine Star and JD during The FIX. The photography world know Jasmine as an international wedding photographer based in Orange County, California who was voted as one of the Top 10 Wedding Photographer by American Photo Magazine  in 2010. She has built her business through hard work and perseverance and is now helping the photography world by sharing her experiences, providing much sought after advice, and stressing the importance of building excellent relationships with other photographers. JD is not just her supportive husband, but part of the team that photographs the gorgeous work Jasmine Star provides to her brides and grooms. Knowing how lucky they both are to be working side by side I couldn't help but be envious since I do miss just hanging out with my husband :-). As much as I want what Jasmine and JD have, the fact that I have one amazing and supportive husband is even more important to me. Seeing Jasmine and JD together just affirmed my belief that I am one lucky gal to be following my passion and art and to have the support I need at home to keep me motivated.

After the event, I posted the picture below to Jasmine's Facebook page and like a school girl I was happy and excited when she replied and thanked me. I should be thanking her again and again. As I posted on her Facebook wall, she really lit a fire on my "you know what" so I can bring my business forward...and I'm not looking back! So "THANK YOU" again Jasmine, for educating and supporting your fellow photographers and encouraging us to care about each other.

Learning from Jasmine was very inspiring. She and her team created theFIX to "help identify the weaknesses within a business, maximize entrepreneurial strengths, and outline the course of action to employ in 2012." Basically it helped create an understanding of how to grow one's business, avoid mistakes, marketing strategies and achieve the life dreamed by any be free to take beautiful photographs and be happy with one's work and life. I've learned so much and now I've been saying I'm channeling my inner J* to ensure my business grows and moves forward so I can keep clients happy as well as my home life happy.

Many times when someone asked a question, J* would start with "This may rub you the wrong way...BUT.." and then she gave a reality check and ensured that there are many things that may hurt (breaking off a relationship with a client or vendor) along the way when you have your business, but it's better to deal with them with confidence and  to ensure you are moving forward and not moving backwards. After all, "sacrifice doesn’t guarantee success, it’s merely a prerequisite of success."

Here I am, happy as can be I'm standing next to someone I look up to (literally and figuratively!) and because of J* I'm making changes and not looking back.

Before meeting J*, me and a few fellow photographers were taking pictures in front of theFIX's backdrop and a few seconds later, in jumps Jasmine Star! I was clueless at first, but after realizing the three of us were screaming like banshees. Yes we were screaming with our mouths formed in smiles hoping someone is taking a picture lol. I think this is why Jasmine is laughing at us...or hopefully with us :-). (Jasmine Star, Cecilia Grace Mizin, Me, Janelle Rodriguez)

After getting a few pictures, I had to try Jasmine's seat. Very comfy indeed!

Jasmine Star is also Editor In Chief of EXPOSED. Here she reads excerpts from one of the articles written in the magazine, which covers a variety of subjects from Jasmine's life as a photographer.

During Jasmine's presentation, she stressed in building a very good network with other photographers. Thanks to Cassi Claire (Gardner) who created a Jasmine Star: The FIX NYC group, some of us were able to meet up, get acquainted, and put real faces other than our Facebook profile pics to the names in our group!  Here there's Christina Blanarovich, Me, Melania Timpani-Shertzer, Janelle Rodriguez and the rest of the group included (and pardon if I didn't get a pic of you or left out your names!!) Tessie Reveliotis, Arlene Chambers, Bob chambers, Cassie Claire, Tammy Cedar, Vanessa Belanovich, Allison O'Hara McCafferty, John, Phil Franchina, Michele Yacovello, Judie Zevack Castro, Kevin Mahoney, Robin Bakes, Sena Dzogbenuku Danquah, and so much more. Thank you all for making it a great night of learning, networking, and making friends!

Looking forward to a reunion with the group and those that missed the meet before The FIX NYC!