Living Social mini 1-Hr Session!!!

It's here!!!! After speaking with Living Social, we agreed on creating this amazing deal on their LivingSocial Families site! Note that this deal is no way just limited to families and can apply to any single 1-hour (mini) portrait session including engagement session, head shots, maternity and more! Go ahead and share with your family, friends and for those in my wonderful network of vendors, feel free to share with your clients and make sure they tell me you referred them!

I really am VERY excited (stress the VERY and include a happy jive dance...although let's pretend I could do the jive) to meet new people and capture beautiful images.

For more information on the deal, check out the link here:

By the way, if you haven't seen the new website yet, check out !!!!

xoxo Angelica

FREE Photography Session Giveaway Contest! Thank you Facebook Fans!

FREE Photography session giveaway is here! Well this is exciting (no I didn't get a turtle...and no don't ask why I have a picture of a turtle that isn't mine letting you know about the contest...he's cute...or she's cute...that's all that matters!) I learned my lesson from not being pro-active about my FACEBOOK page when I started my business, but thanks to everyone who helped me reach 500 Likes on FACEBOOK ! I know to a few it may not seem like a lot, but to me having people from friends, family, clients, potential clients, vendors I love and anyone who enjoy seeing my work like my page and share my page with those they know is a very big deal for this little person! Okay...I'm not that little, but at 5'2" I'm grateful and I'm all bottled up with happy tears :-). Because of you I am happy to do this Free photography session giveaway contest! It's free, it's fun and it's...err...facile (easy!). Why am I doing it? First, I really want to pay it forward since without supporters and friends and networkers who have helped spread the word about Angelica Criscuolo Photography, I wouldn't have bookings at all!!! I know there were those in doubt, but since I don't listen (my poor mommy knows this and is probably shaking her head beacause of my stubborness as well as commending me for my stubborness to pursue my goals and dream) to negative remarks and have put my mind and effort into this full fledge business (got the budget, forecast, balance sheets and everything!) I am here doing what I love and with the support of YOU who I in turn want to make happy by creating beautiful images, albums, prints and more! Second, I LOVE taking pictures! I'm itching to always go on a session! Third, contests are fun!!! Spread the word! My goal is to do bigger giveaways in the future, but small steps at a time. Angelica Criscuolo Photography FREE SESSION Contest Giveaway Facebook

So here's how the contest works:

PRIZE: GRAND PRIZE- ONE FREE PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION  of the clients choosing plus DVD of edited high resolution images. (Engagement, Trash the Dress, Newborn, Family {immediate only}, headshot, maternity, or a children session - must be done in NYC or if mutually agreed within 30 miles of NYC). GOOD LUCK!!!

2nd Prize- ONE mini 30 minute photography session of the clients choosing (NYC location only).

HOW IT WORKS: Comment on this BLOG POST using the THE FACEBOOK  Comments section box as shown by the example below with Dear Kristy being the first to enter the contest (Thanks Kristy!)  and  let me know you are a FAN of my FACEBOOK page (I will check this) and this is good for one entry.

BONUS ENTRY: Everyone loves a bonus! Share on a friend's Facebook page, Tweet, or post on your favorite forum about the contest giveaway and make sure to link back to this post! Feel free to use any of the social network icons to share in your favorite forum. AFTER sharing or tweeting etc, post a new comment stating where you posted (provide a link) and this is also good for ONE entry for the contest giveaway. (One entry per household).

RULES: Not everyone likes rules, but rules must be created to keep us all sane...kinda...

  • So the contest starts today Wednesday, January 25, 2012 to Wednesday, February 1, 2012. Contest ends midnight February 2, get those entries in!
  • Winner will be chosen on February 3rd 2012 (Hopefully that gives me enough time to go through all the entries and ensure they are please be nice and stick to the rules!)
  • As I've mentioned, one entry per household. If you're a family of 6, that wouldn't be fair to others and plus it shows all of you are posting from the same IP address!
  • Winner will be chosen using RANDOM.ORG. I'll even post a picture of the lucky number!
  • Prize has no monetary value and cannot be exchanged, gifted, sold, traded, or put on sale or auction or whatever creative things people can think of these days! The session is for the winner only. If you believe someone could be interested, feel free to let them know about the contest!
  • Everyone play fair! The session entails labor in service and editing plus free images you are able to print poster size so please...adhere to the rules, have fun, play nice and any negative, ugly, mean comments to the admin or to other participants will be deleted. You have been warned!
  • Contest is open to anyone, but the session MUST be done in NYC or if mutually agreed, within 30 miles of NYC Columbus Circle (As the crow flies).

 ENJOY everyone and Best of luck! Looking forward to working with the lucky winner!

Happy New Year! from Angelica Criscuolo Photography

What an amazing 2011!!! Weddings, celebrity events, precious portraits of families and newborn and more filled this year and each session was a special moment to me. However, it is because of all of you that made is such a special year. I cannot wait to meet new people and explore new places in 2012!!!

Stay tuned for a special sale promotion Angelica Criscuolo Photography is having with Living Social!!! That's coming up in a few weeks...and boy will 2012 be busy!!! To ensure you get your session (especially engagement/wedding dates) booked, do not wait to contact me! Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year!

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Happy Holidays 2011 from New York Wedding Event Lifestyle Photographer Angelica Criscuolo Photography