Fuerza Bruta - Happy Birthday to Hubby!


Last Sunday was hubby's birthday and as a gift not only did we take him out for dinner and wine at our favorite wine bar in our neighborhood, but I also got him tickets to see Fuerza Bruta. He's been wanting to see this show and since it's about to close, I knew this was the best present for him. It was a great show and the aerial water show was just amazing. The audience took part in the experience and were even able to touch the overhead aerial "pool" where dancers jumped up and down with water splashing above. Everyone was probably wondering whether this plastic contraption holding the dancers up above as well as the water falling from the ceiling will hold or break...I was personally praying it will hold since I was not prepared to get soaked. Oh yes, if you end up standing at a certain part of the floor in the venue...you will get wet. Overall, it was a fun experience, lively, and you couldn't help but feel emotion and just dance to the rhythm of the 1+ hour experience. I brought my handy iPhone of course, so enjoy the instagram experience...I know you're oohing and ahhing over my istagram skills :-).



After the show we headed to City Crab & Seafood restaurant. LOVE lobster...Since it's a special occasion I figured Saturday would be where I can eat a little bit more cholesterol filled meal and tomorrow, Sunday, I'll be good again. I gave up crappy food (junk, pork, beef, coffee, wine/beer/liquor etc.) for Lent....Let's not talk about how silly that all sounds since that would be another conversation regarding my limited meal selection in the next few weeks. Back to today's dinner, we just love it (well not really) when high-end restaurants mess up your order and takes a very LOOONG time to bring your food. We waited the customarily 30+ minutes before inquiring where in the world were our appetizers....At least give us more bread since I'm about to eat my husband. A hungry me is not fun to be around! Ten minutes later our main course arrived...without the appetizers....We were looking forward to the chowder and lobster mac and cheese. The waitress was apologetic and she did forget to order the appetizers so she was willing to give us wine on the house (only for Matt 'cause I still was trying to be good) and give us the lobster mac and cheese as a complimentary meal and an apologetic gesture. OF COURSE we said yes. Last time our food did not arrive was at Sparks Steakhouse in midtown and we pretty much got free wine and all the extra sides complimentary...The moral of the story is...if you're waiting forever for your food, the silver lining is probably free food (maybe not all of it, but something is better than nothing) and getting free wine or drinks is even better! So you may want to hurt someone since you're hungry, but don't worry...if you remain calm and collected, and your approach the manager or waitstaff with your concerns, your stomach will get fed and your wallet may be happier in the end.

Speaking of silver linings, just saw Silver Linings Playbook and it was a very good movie! Go watch it and enjoy.