In-Love Session in New York City's Chinatown


What photographer doesn't like doing an in-love session in New York City? My couple Jennifer and Michael took the streets of Chinatown where Jenn grew up...By the way, it turns out me and Jennifer went to the same high school together! Such a small world....and no I'm not about to pull out my yearbook, scan it and show you all how we looked like XX amount of years ago going to school in F.H. LaGuardia High School of Music and Arts and the Performing Arts. Whew, it's still too long to type or say. In any case, here we were in Chinatown and these two love birds were troopers! It was a pretty day, but still a little chilly, but they were happy to take off their jackets to get a couple of fun shots during their mini session. Thank you Jennifer and Michael for a fun photography session!