New York City Maternity Photography - Central Park

Recently did a New York Maternity photo session with Vincent and Jeryl who is expecting any day now! We went to Central Park with just J and V and a red balloon...and me...and my camera which is basically my baby...and hundreds of others roaming Central Park enjoying the gorgeous day.Congratulations to the soon-to-be mommy and daddy! Had a great time and the weather cooperated even on a February. The sun was shining and the red balloon had a mind of it's could be mimicking how baby is feeling inside mommy's tummy...but it could just be the red balloon trying to grab all the attention. In any case, the theme V + J were going for worked out pretty well. Caught some great pictures, along with blue skies, really just equalled many great shots. We started off in the upper east side in front of the Alice and Wonderland statue...which by the way is crawling with kids after 11 AM so if you want to get some shots get there earlier! I always forget that statue is huge and if I wasn't working I'd be climbing the statue and playing with the Mad Hatter and White Rabbit with the kids...Where was I? Oh yes, get there early! My fault...weekend and forgot trains do not like to run on weekends. Sigh. In any case, walked by the boathouse and Bethesda Fountain and along the way took some frame pictures and of course the Red Balloon..maybe we'll call him "RB".... took center stage everywhere we went in Central Park. "RB" really created the mood and helped form the pictures. Of course, V + J are just such a cute couple that you can't help but fall in love with them and wish them all the best when their new bundle of joy arrives! THis reminds me, I need to get Jeryl's advice since this lovely woman still has her figure and you couldn't even tell she is pregnant if you weren't looking straight at her! I just wish the power above will grant me the same fortune. Enough about me, hope everyone enjoys these pictures.  I'll post them also on my Facebook page at Thanks Vincent and Jeryl for allowing me to capture your maternity photography session! Too bad no one wanted to get "RB" and take him for a walk after our use...but it was enjoyable saying goodbye to him.