Newborn Photography Session - Milo

I love doing newborn photography as much as I love doing weddings! So we headed to Virginia a couple of weeks ago to not only visit friends but take newborn photographs of this cutie! Welcome Milo and we're happy to meet you! Your daddy and mommy and big sis are excited you're here. Can't wait to see them again. He's such a precious little angel. His parents are so lucky! I couldn't help but bring with me some props I use for my sessions and took advantage of all the goodies (like the awesome chest we used to place Milo) Becky and Mark had in their home! By the way, Becky owns Addie Bean Blossoms so do check out her hair blossoms as well! Back to newborns...yes they are precious and cute and cuddly and you just want to hug them all day, but when doing newborn sessions I'm always extra careful and need the parent's help to ensure the session goes smoothly. With a very young model who definitely cannot take directions, mommy or daddy must take the lead. Always have a couple of hands ready. Most of the time when placing the newborn on a flat surface and they're awake, they just stay there for a few minutes (FEW is the key word) before they realize their inner instincts are telling them "I don't like this" and then they start to fuss. That's why mom or dad need to be there to be ready to pick them up and calm them. Also, newborns are always hungry, so after soothing them for who knows how long, there will be a time when they will need to be fed and we all know that takes awhile. So newborn sessions can go on for hours and hours, but the end result, for me anyway and hopefully for the parents, are worth it!

Well, enjoy these pics and if you need to book your newborn session feel free to contact me for availability!