New York City Head Shots - RW


Wanted to share a few New York City head shots I did with a client last week...was it last week? Did I lose a week? The things my brain goes through! A former client referred my services and my new client, Raquel, was in need of last-minute head shots...When I say last minute I mean she needed them by 11AM the NEXT day! So I went to my home studio, grabbed my equipment and came back into Manhattan to meet my client. It was a short session, but very successful. Head shot sessions do not need to be over an hour long, but usually I take time with clients and go to different locations to get the lifestyle feel of a modern head shot. When you take an individual, whether an actor, singer, writer, etc, casting directors tend to want to see them in their natural elements so they can imagine this person in their show, commercial, movie, etc. Nothing wrong with studio head shots. If you have a very good photographer who takes their time and makes sure the lighting is done right, then you will get beautiful head shots. Because we were limited in time and location, I met my client in Grand Central, found a secluded area with enough lighting to work with (which was fine since I also brought my torch light and reflector) and we got working. I had Raquel change into a blue shirt to help her gorgeous eyes show more, and below are the end results. Tips for anyone doing head shots, shoot at a higher angle so the client is looking a bit up at you to open their eyes. Another very good tip is to get multiple angles. Raquel actually liked her left side more, but as a client ask to get different angles so you can see what your face looks likes. You never know if a side of your profile actually looks best when taken by a professional photographer.