gramercy park hotel

New York Wedding Photography - Gramercy Park Hotel

I thought I’ve seen and photographed many New York weddings in my lifetime, but I was proven wrong with this Gramercy Park wedding. The ceremony was held inside the iconic private park. Did you know that this area was a swamp land, but was drained away to create a neighborhood to house a few elite? I believe Thomas Edison rented a house there, and Teddy Roosevelt was born there. So yes, with prominent neighbors only a few keys were made for those lucky to get a deed to the park. Since 1844 the gates to this exclusive park has been closed to the public (unless there’s special events in the year), but was opened to two brides, J & D for their beautiful wedding ceremony. Their family and friends surrounded them in a circle, an infinite ring of heartfelt emotions, witnessing two hearts becoming one.

After the ceremony, everyone was given refreshments and large white balloons. It was a sight to see all the guests walking to Pete’s Tavern, for a quick cocktail fair. After a bit of rest, everyone was off to the Gramercy Hotel for the reception. Guests were enthralled with the croquembouche, a very French cake made of choux pastry puffs piled into a cone and bound with threads of caramel. So delicious looking!! Here’s a few teasers from the wedding.