Rouge Tomate

Modern and Classy New York City Wedding at Rouge Tomate


What a spectacular wedding at Rouge Tomate! The bride was beautiful with her simple gown and veil, which she finished with beautiful pearls. She carried a gorgeous bouquet designed by Celadon and Celery Events, who also conceived and implemented the design for the wedding. Rouge Tomate closed for the day, to many patron's regret (I do not blame them since the food is amazing!...yes, this photographer enjoys dinner and drinks at this well established Michelin rated restaurant!) since the main dining room was transformed into a cocktail space, and the lower level was transformed for the ceremony. The lower level was complete with a Chuppah adorned with orchids, candles, and roses. All in all, a very romantic and memorable evening! Congratulations again to the bride and groom! Modern & Classy New York City Wedding - Rouge Tomate by Angelica Criscuolo Photography

Ivie & Michael Get Married - New York Wedding

Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gonzales! Ivie Joy glowed as a June bride and Michael looked dashing with his new lovely wife. They looked amazing together and their love showed for everyone to see.  They celebrated with an intimate gathering of close friends at Rouge Tomate near Central Park and Bess Wyrick, owner of Celadon & Celery designed an amazing, and breathtaking, reception that made the couple's jaw drop. This photographer had a great time capturing every angle of the event and seeing everyone laughing, sharing stories, and celebrating with the bride and groom was just a sight to see. I have no doubt many wonderful blessings will be bestowed upon Ivie and Michael since they truly deserve all the happiness in the world. A toast to the new married couple and may you both have many years of wonderful stories and adventures to share with one another!

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These two are a force to be reckon with! Bess did a fantastic job with the table, dinnerware, candles, flowers, trees and more. Ivie was definitely a happy bride!undefined

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