November Wedding

S + A Long Island New York Wedding, Westbury Manor Teasers!


I had such a pleasure being the photographer for  Sabrina and Drew's New York wedding at the Westbury Manor in Long Island! The venue had great food, and beautiful settings for photos indoor and outdoor. The garden had peacocks that were happy to have their pictures taken (I think they expected it and took offense if you didn't!), a bridge over a little river, seating area and more. A perfect place for a perfect wedding. Sabrina and Drew are not just your regular or ordinary couple. They're creative, no-nonsense bride and groom who likes to get things done. Their wedding was very touching and approximately 300 guests attended the big day to witness their matrimony. The wedding was simple, but not traditional and that's how the bride and groom wanted it. Guests arrived in droves and with so many happy faces, it was truly fun to photograph their reaction and their little moments during the wedding. One thing with being the photographer, you get to meet so many people and during weddings everyone is happy and enjoying themselves. It's always good to be surrounded with happy people! The surroundings were even more complimented by the details. I LOVE the details they had at the wedding. Wall-E and Eva as the cake topper is such a cute idea!!!! The ode to the Beatles during the ceremony was definitely a hit and very memorable. It depicted their relationship and allowed guests to really see  their history. I LOVED Sabrina's shoes and you can ask her how she came by them. Enjoy the teasers and can't wait to finish everything up!!!!

As if he's telling you that he's pretty and you better appreciate his feathers and get his good side...

Cell phones were not the only smart devices recording the wedding (in addition to The Godfather Films videography), iPads were there too and guests were happy to use them to videotape all the good details.

You already know I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! It's so perfect!


About the Photographer: Angelica Criscuolo is a photographer that shoots weddings, portraits and events in New York, NJ, PA, CT, and Destination Weddings like Barbados, Dominican Republic, Philippines and travels anywhere in the USA and foreign countries. She has been published in many publications including The New York Times, Engagement 101, Merci New York, Lela New York Weddings, Pretty Pear Bride, The Urban Style NY, Un-Jersey Bride, Engaged Wedding Blog UK, The Knot, Wedding Wire, and more! Angelica specializes in capturing various vital memories and her goal is to provide the best images for all couples and clients. Taking photographs to commemorate memories is what she does best and Angelica is very passionate about her work. She continues to mentor with the industry's finest in wedding and commercial photography. Angelica is also a proud member of Professional Photographer of America (PPA) and Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI).