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Brandon is in the financial world and whether you're a CEO, a small business owner, an accountant CPA for accounting firms,  everyone needs a headshot. Your website or LinkedIn profile requires the best photo of you. Head hunters, recruiters, your clients or customers that go to your website, they all review a lot of headshots on websites and having that one that captures attention because it has that look you can't take your eyes away from is very important. In addition, headshots must show that you are approachable, confident, and friendly. A true professional headshot photographer doesn't just ask you to smile and click a photo, the look at all the angles, work with your eyes, the window to any headshot, smile, facial expression, in addition to lighting and high quality retouching. Work with a professional headshot photographer and you will get noticed. Being voted Best of 2016 Event Photographer by LinkedIn, it just shows that my clients on LinkedIn understand the value of professional photographs for their headshots and events. You can find me at or directly at New York Corporate Headshot photographerHeadshot photographer in NYC for financeNYC Headshot photographer

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About Angelica Criscuolo: Angelica is based in NYC and photographs headshots. She graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Boston University’s School of Communication and transitioned from in front of the camera, to behind the camera. She enjoys capturing your real persona, while attaining the confident and approachable look to represent your brand, whether or not you’re an actor, a CEO, an entrepreneur, an employee who needs a LinkedIn profile headshot or going on a dating website service. What makes Angelica a unique headshot photographer is that she knows and understands what Talent Agents/Casting Agents are looking for due to her experience working with SAG-AFTRA’s Commercials Department, where she dealt with casting and talent agents on a daily basis. She has also studied from the best headshot photographer, Peter Hurley, and continues to be mentored by him. She incorporates this knowledge into her corporate and portrait headshots.

Angelica lives in New York City, but travels worldwide for work. Consider her bags packed and passport in hand!

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