Winners of the FREE Session Giveaway Contest!!!!

Hi everyone! Sorry I'm posting this later than I wanted...but here are the winners of the FREE Session Photography Giveaway Contest! Before I announce the winners, and to keep you all anticipating (no I'm not being mean) I really just wanted to thank everyone for their response to the contest, for everyone who shared the contest and for everyone who supports the page and share the news to their friends and family. I am very happy that my work makes YOU happy and that makes little ol' me happy! Doing this Free session giveaway contest was so much fun that I will be doing the same when I reach 1000 "likes" on Facebook! I will find a way to fit whatever session in my calendar because you all are worth it! So here goes...To reiterate, the WINNER wins a full session photography of their choosing. The 2nd (second) place winner wins a mini 30 minute session to take place her win NYC! So I had so much fun with this giveaway contest that I have decided to give away a THIRD place winner of a mini 30 minute session of their choosing to be done here in NYC! THe winners are chosen using and for each winner I have attached a print screen of the winning number! The Facebook comments are arranged by chronological order so the winners of the Free Session Photography Giveaway Contest are reflected properly.

Drumroll please!!!!

The First place winner is...Kristy Madamba!!! #1 (number one) was chosen as the winning entry!!!!! Congratulations Kristy! Please let me know when you would like to schedule your session photography of your choosing! 


The 2nd place winner is....Jennifer Mok! Congratulations!!!! You have won a free mini session in a location here in NYC!!!! 

The 3rd (Third) Place winner of the Free Session GIveaway contest is Yan Kaneshiro!!!!

Congratulations again everyone!!! As for the remaining entrants, as a thank you, you can receive a 10% discount on a single session if booked by February 28, 2012 for any slots in 2012! Please note cancellation policies applies. Do not hesitate to email or call me if you have any questions regarding this discount. I wish I can give everyone a free session, but hope this discount will help everyone out :-).

THank you again for being a wonderful supportive group and remember I don't bite so don't be scared to ask any questions about sessions, rates, availability, or why the sky is blue or other questions :-D