Bride & Groom - Pose or not to pose?

So there are many opinions of posing and not posing bride and grooms...alone or together. Of course everything is a matter of opinion, so this post is also one of my own opinions so please keep that in mind :-). I was a broadcast journalism major more than a decade ago in college and I always loved being behind the scene (I had to admit that being in front of the camera was not for me since I looked like a 12 year old trying to spout a news story!) and just capturing "real" emotions and events without the need to pose. However, I've learned that there are instances where you want to pose your subjects since there will never always be those moments that you want to capture on the fly. I recently had the pleasure of learning from Doug Gordon who was just honored and given the International Photographic Council of the UN's leadership award on May 5th. His work is not only amazing, but he is truly a great person to learn from! He likes to teach other photographers that posing your subjects the right way guarantees results the bride and groom or any client would love. He has an entire system of flow posing he has mastered and one may never realize by looking at the final photographs that it was a series of poses done within minutes...and I mean minutes! Here are a few I shot using flow posing techniques. They key is to make sure the bride and groom are comfortable, but what makes it easy is that two people who love one another will have all their emotions show especially on their special day!