KC's Baby Session

Meet KC and the Rutka family! We had a fabulous time in Central Park capturing KC's laughter, smiles and giggles in time for her upcoming first birthday celebration. Sucha a happy and beautiful child! Gorgeous eyes and wonderful sweet little thing and all in all a great family to work with. I was very fortunate to be there to capture a special family moment. Here's some teasers from our day!


Precious Angels

Children are such precious angels! Each child show so much energy and different personality. Very refreshing and I love capturing each of their beautiful faces. Bless each and every one of them and how fortunate parents are to have them in their lives! Newborn, children and little one sessions are available and catered to parent's choice of location to maximize the child's comfort.  

I always wonder what toddlers think about when they have their down time and mommy or daddy are feeding them their milk.

Every child has to have a whirly pop once in awhile! It's fun watching them attempt to eat something at times bigger than their faces!


Here TJ smiles for the camera after having a few bites of one of my favorite snacks, Cheetos! After running around he makes a couple of stops to the bowl of Cheetos for energy. Let's just say mom was not too happy, but children will be children.


Who doesn't love cupcakes? I truly enjoy a child diving into a delicious cupcake.


Birthday parties and fairy be young and innocent!


The soulful eyes of young ones are truly remarkable. I love trying to capture them and wonder when they're looking at you, what they are truly thinking of and when they smile...are they laughing with me or at me? :-).


Fabric Flower Hair Clips by Addie Bean Blossoms!

Here are some pictures of various fabric flower hair clips I took for Addie Bean Blossoms! In these pictures, little Meggie is wearing these gorgeous clips, which will stay on the finest hairs. Meggie was running around in the Children's Museum in Manhattan wearing the hand-made creations and they stayed on her precious head the whole time.Check out Addie Bean Blossoms' website on Etsy and you can also find them on Facebook.