For ladies, wear what you love that's comfortable for you. It shows in the photo when someone is not comfortable. However, leave the flowy tops at home since it adds bulk and weight. Fitted tops are great, tanks with wide straps works, button-down shirts for an office look with or without a fitted jacket, etc. Men, button-down shirt or t-shirt is okay depending on the look you're going for. Jacket and tie are up to you. If you're not sure if something works, bring it with you. If it's not in the studio, we can't photograph it or see if it works.

Bring 2-3 options (if you're purchasing more photos then we discuss approximately how many tops you should bring) so I can see which top works best for you. 

Solid, vibrant, and mid-tone colors work. No busy patterns. You do not want anything to compete with your headshot. No need for earrings or necklaces. Again we do not want to draw attention away from your headshot. If you have simple studs, we'll take a look. You'll see what I mean when I say jewelry detracts from your headshot. 

Wear colors that match your eyes!


For corporate/professional shots bring freshly pressed dress shirts, dress pants/skirts, ties. Men, make sure your shirt/jacket fits your neck & shoulders.

Fix any hair roots a week before your session. Men, please come freshly shaved unless you want the scruffy look. Additional retouching fee will apply to get rid of five-o-clock shadows. They are challenging to remove. Women, remove any facial hair.

Women, professional makeup is key to stunning headshots. I do advise that natural makeup is essential unless we're doing a full portrait session that includes evening wear. This also applies to entertainers. I know many casting directors who hate it when actors walk into an audition, and they do not look like their headshot or their makeup is overdone. For corporate headshots, your customers or people who may want to hire you to want to meet the real you. It's all about the expression in your eyes and your true smile! Additional advice is not to have any hard lines on eyeliners and lip liners. Use natural eye makeup. Softer edges that blends are better. Liquid foundation photographs better than powder foundation. Lastly, do not use false eyelashes. For both men and women, make sure you moisturize. Makeup and Hair Stylist is available upon request for an additional fee.


What Happens After My Photo Session?

We'll sit down after your session and go through the photos and I'll cull them down to the best ones. The photos that make the cut will be color corrected and placed in your online proof gallery. The color correction takes time, so give us 3-5 days.

What's the Difference Between Color Correction & Retouching?
Your package includes color correction of the image and proper cropping. This entails fixing the tone and color to make sure white is white and other colors are supposed to look the way they do in real life so your photo looks vibrant and not dull. It also includes retouching of the final paid image(s), and is more extensive. Which is why each image purchased is very valuable and will be ready for print. Retouching includes fixing skin, fixing hair, brightening eyes, teeth whitening, and background correction. It takes a long time to fully retouch one image, which is why I have a retoucher on staff who dedicates the time to perfect an image. Additional fee is charged for changing backdrop (color or type), fixing clothing wrinkles, changing color of clothes or any objects, etc. 

Why Is My Hair Cut Off In My Photo?
Your headshot is about showcasing your personality with your eyes (the window to your soul!) and facial expression. Therefore, headshots must be focused on your face. I make sure your hair and a bit of your clothing is still shown, but your face takes precedence. These days, headshots are seen in smaller formats (i.e. phone, tablets, laptops, etc.) and are mostly used for LinkedIn, Facebook, website, header of a resume, etc. This means your photo is even smaller, which is why it's even more important to frame your face and crop your hair a bit. If your eyes are too small in the photo, the viewer will not be pulled in. You do not get a second chance at making a first impression!  


Why Am I Not in the Center of the Photo?
Placing your eyes closer to the upper third frame of an image also allows the viewer to be drawn to your photo. For landscape photos, I frame you using the rule of thirds because it creates a stronger image. I do provide proper format of the photos so it will show properly on LinkedIn. Have another site you'd like to upload your photo? Let us know. 

Do You Do Portraits To Show My Upper Body Or A Full Body?
Yes! I can capture your portrait. For an additional fee I can travel to your location and capture your portrait with your environment. 

How Many Photos Will I get?
Depending on your package, a final fully edited image will be delivered  as a high resolution digital image.  You will be able to choose your final photos from an online proof gallery that's password protected. Feel free to share the gallery if you need help choosing your photo(s), and you can always ask me for advice.

Do You Do Group Packages and Corporate Events and Seminars?
Yes! See the pricing page to review current rates. For Events and Seminars, companies also rent our photo booth to create additional buzz during the event. Companies have also requested a headshot booth setup, for an additional fee, to allow seminar attendees to capture their professional headshots. Each person in the seminar who gets their headshot done would receive a final edited headshot image.

To book or find out more details, LET'S CHAT!